Quick Reference Guide to SMHC Services

Surgical Services/PACU - Electroconvulsive Therapy

  • Department Service:

  • Electroconvulsive Therapy

  • Department Main Phone Number:

  • 207-283-7467

  • Department Fax Number:

  • 207-283-7750

  • Service Days & Hours of Operation:

  • Monday Through Friday 0530-1400 Hours of ECT Nurse Program Coordinator 0600-0830 M,T,W,F, Service hours and days for actual ECT treatments.

  • Description of Service:

  • Electroconvulsive Therapy - a modern medical treatment for certain illnesses that have mental or emotional symptoms, such as Major Depressive Disorder, mania, schizophrenia. In this treatment that is performed in PACU, the patient goes to sleep under general anesthesia, receives muscle relaxants and oxygen, and then receives a brief electrical stimulation to the scalp. The resultant nerve-cell activity releases chemicals in the brain and helps restore normal functioning.


 Scheduling an Appointment/Procedure:

  • Scheduling Telephone Number:

  • 207-283-7467

  • Days & Hours to Schedule Appointments/Procedures:

  • Direct all calls to Sandie Lamb, RN-BC/ECT Program Coordinator at: Confidential voice mail--207-283-7467. Treatments scheduled M,T,W,F between 0600 and 0830.

  • Pre-Procedure/Test - Patient Preps:

  • Psychiatric consultation ECT Patient/Family Education Medical Consultation CT-head EKG CBCD Comprehensive Chemistry Profile Thyroid Function Screen Urinalysis Pregnancy Screen (if applicable) DAU9.

  • Accreditations/Unique Aspects:

  • The ECT program has a full time RN certified in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatric nursing with 23 years psychiatric nursing experience, 13 years experience in current position of ECT Program coordinator, and with ECT-specific training and credentialing at Duke University and the University of South Carolina. Dr. Bruce Blackman has 13 years experience in providing ECT and has been credentialed from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Kevin Mullarky has 10 years experience in providing ECT and is also credentialed through the University of South Carolina. The ECT program at SMHC is the third largest ECT program in the state, providing both inpatient and outpatient services.

  • Additional Information:

  • The following psychiatrists are credentialed to perform ECT at SMHC: Dr. Bruce Blackman 207-283-1118; Dr. Kevin Mullarky 207-284-0176.