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Tick Safety Tips

Tickborne diseases are on the rise in Maine, especially southern Maine. Dog and deer ticks are most common in our area. Deer ticks, the smaller of the two, can carry Lyme disease. Most ticks do not carry disease but when you return from the woods or high grass areas, carefully examine your skin and scalp. Check your pets, too!

Take these simple safety precautions:

  • Perform a daily tick check when children come indoors;
  • When showering or bathing, inspect armpits, the groin, backs of knees, the waist, and the scalp for ticks as warm, moist areas are likely attachment spots;
  • Remove ticks by grasping them with fine tweezers as near to the skin as possible and pull gently but firmly. The barbed mouth parts may not let go easily, so be patient. It may take several minutes. Do not handle ticks with bare hands;
  • Contact your physician immediately if you suspect symptoms of Lyme disease (a circular rash at the bite area, lack of energy, headache and stiff neck, muscle and joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, fever and chills).

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