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In-Hospital Services

Bedside Call System
While your nurse will not always be in your room, he or she is always close at hand. If you wish to talk to or summon the nurse, simply push the button which is next to your bed. Your call will be answered over the two-way intercom, or a member of the care team will come to your room. Please remember, though, that patients must be cared for in order of urgency. The nursing staff serves a number of patients and, at times, must give immediate attention to those with critical needs. They will be with you as quickly as possible.

Chaplains of many faiths come regularly to SMHC to visit patients. If you would like to see someone from your own church or synagogue, please have a member of your family notify him or her that you are in the hospital.

Flowers will be delivered to you by a hospital volunteer as soon as possible after they arrive. If you have been discharged, the florist will be informed upon delivery and will be given your home address.

Gift Shop
The Gift Shop, managed by the SMHC Auxiliary and staffed solely by volunteers as a service to the hospital, is located on the first floor next to the Main Entrance. Toiletries, small gifts, stuffed animals, books, cards, candy and jewelry are available, as well as lovely dried flower and fresh flower arrangements. Calling cards can be purchased at the shop. Monday through Friday the Gift Shop is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday hours are from 1 to 5:00 PM. Proceeds from the Gift Shop are donated by the Auxiliary to SMHC to benefit patient care.

Greeting Cards (Online)
When you are in the hospital, nothing beats a card or visit from family and friends. Now your friends and family can send you an Online Greeting Card, from anywhere in the world, by visiting SMHC's Greeting Card webpage. Cards are delivered by volunteers with the regular mail.

Mail will be delivered to you regularly by a hospital volunteer. If you have been discharged, your mail will be forwarded immediately to your home. Mail sent to you should be addressed to your name in care of Southern Maine Health Care, One Medical Center Drive, Biddeford, Maine 04005-0626. The volunteer who delivers your mail would also be happy to deposit your stamped, outgoing mail in the mailroom. Stamps can be purchased in the Main Lobby.

Professionally-trained food managers and dieticians supervise the hospital's food preparation and service, including special diets ordered by your physician.

  • In-Room Dining
    Patients may order meals and snacks from a restaurant-style menu through SMHC’s In-Room Dining Service at any time between 6:45 am and 6:45 pm. All meals are made to order from fresh ingredients and delivered to you within 45 minutes.  
  • SMHC Café
    Visitors may purchase Guest Tray Vouchers to order In-Room Dining service. They are also welcome to visit the SMHC Café on the second floor of the hospital to purchase meals or snacks.

The Journal Tribune, Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier, and the York County Coast Star are distributed free of charge to patients, by a hospital volunteer, as a courtesy of those newspapers. The Portland Press Herald and USA Today are sold in a machine in the hospital lobby. A volunteer would be happy to purchase one for you, if you so desire.

Notary Public
Southern Maine Health Care has notary publics on staff. There is no charge for this service. The notary public may be contacted through your nurse, during regular business hours.

Safety Drills
As a matter of routine safety, fire drills are practiced regularly at Southern Maine Health Care. Please do not be alarmed if you hear a drill called on the hospital's public address system.

Southern Maine Health Care believes that all health care facilities have the responsibility to provide a smoke-free environment for patients, employees and visitors. For this reason, SMHC has instituted a "Clean Air Policy," which prohibits smoking in the hospital or at hospital entrances. For more information about how to quit smoking, call the Community Outreach Services Leader at ext. 6969.

Telephones for personal use are available in most patient rooms. Directions for local and long distance dialing may be found on the phone; as well as, on the cover of the Bell Atlantic phone directory, which is located in or on the night stand next to your bed. Calling cards are available at the Gift Shop in the lobby. To make a local call, dial 9 and then the number you desire. Do not dial 1. You may access any long-distance carrier of your choice by dialing 501 + 1010 + the carrier code of your choice. To dial an 800 number, dial 9-1-800 and the remainder of the number. Hospital extensions can be reached by dialing directly. Family and friends may call you directly without going through the Operator. Your direct dial phone number is located on your phone. For your benefit, calls to your room after 9 PM or before 7 AM will go directly to the nursing station and can be transferred to your room as appropriate. The main telephone number for Southern Maine Health Care is 283-7000. The main number for TDD/TTY is 283-7028. The Emergency Department TDD/TTY number is 283-7004. Handsets for the hearing impaired and TDD/TTY's are available upon request by asking a member of the care team. Deaf Talk telephones are available for your use. Please ask your caregiver for assistance.


Outstanding Care - it's what you expect
Caring and courteous service is our standard for patient care. If you would like to show a hospital employee that you have appreciated his or her efforts, we encourage you to send a personal note or card or use one of the Thumbs Up! cards found in displays throughout the hospital. You might also consider making a donation to the hospital in that person's honor.

Supporting SMHC
The wide range of care available at Southern Maine Health Care has been made possible through the generosity of contributors. These gifts have helped Southern Maine Health Care purchase equipment, institute new patient programs, plan for the future, and provide care to those who are uninsured. Gifts to Southern Maine Health Care may take many forms which we would by happy to discuss. Small gifts added to small gifts can make a big difference. There are tax advantages to giving to Southern Maine Health Care, as well. Please consider supporting Southern Maine Health Care both now and in the future. For more information, please contact the Development Office 283-7235.




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